2022 Winter GAPNA Newsletter Volume 41 Number 4

An Unlikely Defense

A new study from Tufts University suggested green tea and berries may protect the brain against dementia. Green tea has a chemical called catechin, which reduces plaques that collect between neurons and interrupts cell function. Similarly, resveratrol is found in blueberries, grapes, and red wine and has the same effects on brain cells. Both compounds have anti-inflammatory agents, explaining the ability to clear these plaques.

Green tea and berries have an abundance of flavonoids that may decrease cell-damaging free radicals, soothe inflammation in the brain, and enhance blood flow.

Researchers tested twenty-one compounds in the study, and the compounds that passed the screening had almost no plaques after one week.

Although the study found that some compounds can benefit millions of people, more research should be conducted on the therapeutic benefits. Furthermore, the researchers are unsure if the compounds can stop the progression of dementia.

Read more about the study.