GAPNA Leadership Institute (GLI) Purpose:  

To develop, support, and enrich the leadership skills of GAPNA members to prepare them for leadership roles and opportunities within GAPNA and other organizations that advance the care of older adults.

Institute Objectives:

Leadership Institute

  • Develop leaders with an increased understanding of the inner workings of GAPNA professional organizations.  
  • Provide participants with individualized mentorship and opportunities to develop meaningful relationships with peers and mentors.  
  • Increase capacity for leadership to advance healthcare of older adults through GAPNA and in the healthcare community.  
  • Meet the expectation of corporate partners to serve as leadership incubators for their employees.

Preview of the GLI Topics

  • Exploring leadership styles, Finding our strengths, & Making meaning  
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Managing Change
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Coaching Conversations & Conflict management
  • Leadership Development
  • Work Life Integration
  • Project Planning  

Is The Leadership Institute For You?  

The GAPNA Leadership Institute is open to GAPNA members looking to:  

  • Receive individualized mentorship to establish a personal leadership development plan.
  • Develop leadership skills to foster collaboration with stakeholders to improve the healthcare of older adults through practice, education, and advocacy.  
  • Model the principles, qualities, and responsibilities of effective leadership.
  • Improve communication strategies essential for all leaders.  
  • Establish meaningful peer relationships.
  • Explore GAPNA operations.

This is an 18-month leadership program that includes both online synchronous and face-to-face components. A nationally recognized nurse leader facilitates the curriculum. All fellows will work one-on-one with GLI mentors, all of whom have held or currently hold leadership positions within GAPNA.