2022 Spring GAPNA Newsletter Volume 41 Number 1

Annual Reports Needed from Chapters and SIGS

By Cindy Gerstenlauer

The Historical Committee relies on the annual reports submitted by GAPNA’s committees and special-interest groups (SIG) to document GAPNA’s history by extending its monograph, the panels displayed every 5 years at the fall conference, and for historical articles and presentations.

Chapter reports are also important to document a chapter’s history and contribution to GAPNA’s goals

Chapters are urged to write their own monograph or something similar to document their achievements and contributions to gerontological advanced practice nursing and quality care of older adults. Stay tuned for future ideas related to this!

These reports are archived in the GAPNA collection at the University of Virginia for access by members and graduate researchers. Missing reports equate to lost history. We know that great work is going on, but if it’s not documented…well, you know the rest.

For 2021, we thankfully received all SIG reports and are only missing one committee report.

We are missing 10 chapter reports from New York and North Jersey, FL GAPNA, Gulf Coast Texas, FL Gulf Coast, Central VA, Sonoran, Southern CA, Seattle, Midsouth TN, and Heartland. It is never too late to submit these reports.

Please send your report to Erin Macartney at the GAPNA National Office and she will forward it to the Historical Committee. We appreciate your cooperation and support!

Chapters, please also remember to either assign a chapter historian or charge a chapter board member with organizing and collecting chapter records for future summarizing and archiving.

The Historical Committee holds a Zoom meeting the third Tuesday of every month, 8:00 p.m. EST. We welcome new members!

By Cindy Gerstenlauer, ANP-BC, GNCS-BC, CDE, CCD