Purpose: To fulfill GAPNA’s mission of “promoting excellence in advanced practice nursing for the well-being of older adults” the Health Affairs Committee drives policy and advocacy conversations focused on older adults and those involved in their care.

Goals: To leverage established relationships to advance policy priorities, to disseminate policy statements that reflect GAPNA’s mission, vision and guiding principles, and to engage members in advocacy activities.
Collaboration with Other Organizations: GAPNA Liaisons from the Health Affairs Committee represent GAPNA on national coalitions. Please see the GAPNA Health Affairs Nursing Coalitions page to see the comprehensive list. 
Meeting Information: The Health Affairs Committee meets the first Tuesday of the month virtually via Zoom. Meeting information will be sent out monthly via the GAPNA Exchange. 
Additional Ways to Contribute: The minutes are posted on the community group in the GAPNA Exchange under the Health Affairs Committee.  The minutes in detail are posted each month.  Read the minutes to see what bill needs support or project the committee is working on.  For efforts on letter writing for a specific bill, information is posted on the community and open forum exchange.  Be sure to join the open forum and the Health Affairs Website to receive the lates updates on the committee.